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Most businesses needs another way other than word of mouth to increase awareness of their services or products. While good word of mouth recommendations make a solid foundation for any business, the length of time it can take for these to be effective in generating an adequate turnover is generally not quick enough for most businesses.


Hence businesses look for ways of advertising. Directories such as this one and the Yellow Pages become staples of getting the word out about your business. In order to make the directory accessible to the user the idea of categories arose so that users can find similar businesses grouped together. Recently the local yellow pages telephoned my about my listing in their directory. After enquiring about the nature of my business, we both decided which of the existing categories would best suit this business, and which would be the ideal category should such a category be included at a later date.


In approving listings for this directory, I sometimes question how people are choosing the category they wish to be listed in. For instance, in this directory there are several categories that could suit a photographer - media (photography), weddings (photos / video), Clubs (photography), business (photography), All things kids (Baby / kids photographers). Which category(ies) you as a business choose to be listed in depends on the focus of your business and where people look for those services.


Remember the category to get listed in is the one that a potential client would most likely find you. If the directory does not have a suitable category, choose the most suitable, and drop them a line about which would be the most suitable.


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