Do you put your address in your listing?

by biz-directory-au on 07/11/2011 - 05:53 pm |

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Do you put your address in your listing?

No location, no search results.

I am always surprised that people do not put any location in their business listing. There are several reasons why this is bad news for your online marketing.

In today's world of location based searches, your suburb and state is an elemental contributor to your search results. This means each time that you do not enter a suburb, any search that a person uses a location in, your listing will not be shown.

In communities where support for local business is strong, they are going to choose a business that is most closely located to them. Supporting local business is a strong sentiment across Australia where local jobs contribute to the vitality of the community and its ability to thrive.

So put in your location, whether it is your business location or the area you primarily service. This can only increase the number of possible searches your business can appear in.



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